Al & Betty Cole

Over six weeks ago, we saw the completion of what seemed like a marathon for us – the sale of our house of forty-three years.  This was a difficult task, moving selected items in our house to a one-bedroom apartment, selling or giving away the contents that had accumulated over more than 50 years, then ultimately, selling the house.

We were very fortunate to meet you and then to benefit from your experience.  Initially you talked to us about the various tasks we had to do.   You provided us with a “road map” as well as the timing of tasks, and then, when necessary, the sequence for the discharge of those tasks.  Rudimentary it might seem, but for us it was essential since this was our second house in more than fifty years of marriage.  You treated every question as an important one.  You were open to answering questions at any time, by text, e-mail or cellphone to assist us or to clarify your steps in facilitating the sale

Thank you, Walter, for your professionalism, for putting your client first, for caring, and, for actively listening to us.  Lastly, the marathon is over. Thanks for guiding us successfully through the process.