Thank you so much for your patience and kindness

Walter was ethical and a pleasure to deal with. Even though I was selling a townhouse, which of course doesn’t bring in as large a commission as the bigger priced homes and farms, He treated me fairly and with respect, when it came to all matters. Even when I was having difficulty with issues that involved technology, he walked me through everything with patients and kindness. Walter was very professional and to the point, Especially when It came to dealing with complicated issues, that needed further explaining. It’s always a pleasure to deal professionally with someone when you know that they absolutely love their job, which is evident with Walter. I certainly recognize that being a real estate agent can be very demanding, and Can often be very wearing. I appreciate Walters commitment to his job. Kudos to him, and his family who must often deal with work impinging on home and personal life. All the best with your future endeavors. Sandie